Corwetsch, 2014

Video diptych, 9’10

Directing, editing &  sound: Maïa Wolf

Images: Maïa Wolf  &  Max Idje

This work is a visual four voices dialog on the particularities of a same place. The Corwetsch is a mountain located in Valais, Switzerland, near the town of Sierre. As its slopes are steep and unstable, nothing can be build on its flanks and landslide still happen regularly in the area. At the origin of the project lay the lines of the swiss writer Corinna Bille, who was living in a village placed in front of this mountain. In the short story called L’homme qui trouva le premier jardin, she makes the poetic hypothesis that up on the plateau at the Corwetsch’ top lays a kind of wild « Eden ». This « first » garden would be only reachable by climbing the chaotic and dangerous northern slope. In the video, extracts of her text are displayed next to the written reflexions of an old lady living in Sierre. This woman knew well the writer, and comments their life in the region and their relation with the mountain. Next to this dialog appear a third written voice, the one of an hydrogeologist working in the woods at the feet of the Corwetsch. His scientific language contrasts or sometimes strangely fits with the emotional and poetic observations of the two women. The technical reflexions of the geologist appear on the left screen, as the emotional discourse of the old woman appear on the right one. Quotes of the writer appear on the two screens, at the end and at the beginning of the video. Images and footages were taken in the area around the mountain, forming a visual voice that gathers the different impressions.