The Bridge

The Bridge, 2013

A soundwalk in five chapters

Soundwalk of 66’19 throughout an industrial area in the South West of Amsterdam and photo&text booklet

Participants are given mp3 players, headphones and the publication. A guide leads them along the way and defines the walking rhythm. The soundwalk is divided into five chapters. In the first one, they hear a layer of sound recorded in 3D in the exact same way a month ago. They hear scooters and trucks passing by, that mix with the actual sound environment. Sound of loud machines at work are added as a third layer, as the group is passing by industrial buildings. In the second chapter two voices appear on their sides, talking about unidentified objects flying in the sky. These voices were extract from Youtube videos that anonymous people posted after filming UFO’s over Amsterdam and commenting on them. In the publication participants can see screencaptures of these videos. In the third part the group is led to a wasteland where lie the rests of a ruined shelter. They hear the sound of the building of this shelter and see pictures of it standing and of its construction in the booklet. Among these pictures are texts extracted from Henri-David Thoreau’s Walden. In the fourth chapter participants are conducted to a residential area, on a path between fields (on their left side) and houseboats (on their right). They can hear on their right ear sounds from television and radio, alternating with animal groans in their left ear. The group is finally brought to an old cemetery, hidden in this urban area. Most of the graves are covered by vegetation. They are left free to wander in this place, as they hear cries and calls of unidentified creatures. The booklet displays text extracted from Jacob Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology about the legend of the « Wild Hunt ».
This work is questioning the relation between the present and the past, the rise of new mythologies in our modern era throughout the contact with the « unknown », and the complicated links of these new legends with the old western european myths.